WhiteChocolateNinja loves a few things, is passionate about several things, and is concerned about many things.  This site is dedicated to the things I am passionately concerned about.  Or course, my other passions and loves may occasionally be highlighted as well.

I have a deep love for my country.  Lately it has been tested, but the love remains.  The testing is the result of the weakening of Americans.  We get our little feelers hurt so easily now.  We are raising up a generation of baby men and baby women.  I wish to combat this weakness.  It would seem battling weakness, would be easy. . . not so, not at all.  Many are fighting valiantly to preserve weakness.

My aim with the content of this site is to awaken the Warrior Spirit within each of us.  We all have our battles.  Every great warrior agrees, the battles fought in the mind are the most difficult and offer the greatest victory or defeat.  Life is hard, because of these battles.  The more I learn about true warriors (not thugs) around the world, the more I understand how their state of mind, code,strength and empathy lead to victory.  Victories of the mind, and victories in the field.  For some of us, the “field” looks like negotiations around a conference table, for others it is maintaining a positive learning environment for a bunch of students. Others still, are warriors in the truest sense, military, law enforcement, firefighters.   If WCNinja can offer a word of encouragement, inspiration or humor, perhaps it will help you, Win your Day!

If you are a warrior, WCNinja wants to hear from you!  Please comment, as your experience may be very meaningful to another subscriber!  I still have much to learn.  I will share what I know, and that won’t take long!

There is an old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I am ready!

The content of this site is based on the following experiences and training.  

  • Firearms Instructor
  • Cop for 15 years
  • Hundreds of hours of watching street fights, martial arts fights, UFC – focus on traits, body language of aggressive human behavior
  • Martial Arts studied -Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Kenpo
  • Work in Anti Human Trafficking efforts, street level
  • VIP protection and other security gigs
  • Father to 4 pretty daughters
  • Bruised, stung and painted in many airsoft and paintball battles!  A great training ground!
  • I tap into other’s experience whenever possible.

oh, almost forgot, Here my passions, loves, concerns!


  • Family – I have a wife and six awesome kids!
  • Church – the relationships IN the church
  • Orphans and Widows
  • The Red, White and Blue – yes, I cry during patriotic songs!


  • Glocks
  • Tactical Stuff
  • Fighting Human Trafficking
  • Big Watches
  • Audis
  • Porsches
  • Mountain Views
  • Oregon


  • Wimpifying of America
  • Treatment of Cops
  • Treatment of Military
  • Eroding of 2nd Amendment in a time of emboldened bad guys and ISIS
  • Eroding of 1st Amendment- only speech from the left is protected
  • My fellow citizens not having the mindset or skills to defend their homes or families.

Yes, I am conservative.  Liberals are welcome, but I don’t think they will appreciate the value of this think tank!

If you wish to contact me, email at fatninja275@gmail.com.

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