Top 10 List of Favorite Warrior Movies

We live in a time where our perceptions of tough guys, warriors and such are molded by movies and other media.  Not that long ago, tales of warriors and their exploits were sung and told at community gathering and around the campfire.  Perhaps we have lost something, perhaps now, modern day heroes and warriors seem less real because we see it on the big screen and are conditioned to think everything on the big screen is not reality.  I don’t know.

In any event, there are some fantastic films about warriors, some are true stories, some are not.  Many of these have great examples of warrior mindset. Here are my favorite 10 … ish!

  1. Braveheart – Love and Freedom!
  2. Troy – About two warriors, loyal to entirely different ideals.
  3. John Wick – over the top blood/violence, but the martial arts skills integrated with firearms use was something I have not seen before.  As a student of violence and self defense, I found it intriguing.
  4. The Patriot –  Family and Freedom!
  5. We Were Soldiers –  Highlighted the sacrifice made by soldiers and families.
  6. Lone Survivor – This was hard to watch, those guys went through so much.
  7. American Sniper –  He was saving lives…  A real hero, he left us too early!
  8. The Last Samurai – Loved the character development and warriorness of this movie.
  9. Remo Williams – “We take out the trash.”  If you have not seen this, do!
  10. 300 – Over the top blood and gore, but talk about commitment to never giving up.
  11. 13 Hours – Modern day heroes
  12. Act of Valor – This one is cool, because real Navy Seals do some of the acting.  It is easy to pick out the Seals, they are better warriors than actors, BUT a great film none the less.
  13. Tears of the Sun – Selfless Warriors, doing the right thing for humanity, despite orders and personal safety.

What is your favorite?  I kept this short, so you could have time to respond!!! : )


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