Evaluating a few Glock Mods

If you are a literary guineis, I mean an entilligint… er… smart person…this post may annoy you!  I am going to give you a quickie, a down and dirty review of some things I did to my Glock, and how it didn’t really go as planned.  Look for incomplete sentences and bullet points to save everyone a little time!  And, bullet points seem appropriate considering the subject matter!

  • Glock 19 –  Gen 1, G19- aka Best Glock in the Worldthumb_IMG_4999_1024

I bought this little honey in 1991.  Glocks were the new kids on the block… while many were calling them ugly piles of cheap, black plastic, all I saw was Katniss Everdeen, Scarlett Johansson (aka Black Widow) , and She-ra the Warrior Princess rolled into a flawless piece of innovation and death dealing perfection.  Sometimes I get carried away. . . But, that is sheer honesty… I bought this Glock to defend my life and the lives of those I serve, to sugar coat and not acknowledge it is a death dealer, is to undermine it’s purpose and hundreds of hours and thousands of rounds in training.

  • Trigger weight – advertised at 5.5 pounds by Glock, almost always weighs out at 6 pounds, as mine did.
  • Competition shooters like their triggers around 3 pounds -half the factory weight
  • Trigger weight is determined/affected by striker spring, striker weight, safety plunger spring, trigger spring, connector weight, and internal polish or lack of polish on a few contact points.  A few other things contribute, but to a much smaller degree.
  • I installed:
    • Lighter Striker Spring – 4 pounds, 2 pounds under factory
    • Lighter Safety Plunger Spring
    • 3.5 pound Connector by Double Diamond – factory is 5.5
    • heavier trigger spring – 1 pound over factory
    • lightened Titanium Striker
    • polished contact points – A “25 cent trigger job” – highly recommend this!  YouTube it, there are a couple excellent videos on what to do.  Or have me over for a lemonade and I will do it!
  • Result
    • 3 – 3.5 pound trigger
      • Awesome – Loved the weight . . . for a range weapon! Not the best for a weapon to be used under duress, until I can put about 1000 rounds through it with that weight.  However, 3 pound trigger pull increased my accuracy and speed noticeably.
    • Less Travel, Crisp Reset – Excellent
    • The lighter safety plunger spring- resulted in the trigger safety lever(in the center of the trigger), not ever pushing clear forward once the trigger group reset
    • Misfires – the lighter striker spring would not hit hard enough to initiate hard(er) primers
      • If I was only shooting ammo with soft primers and reduced loads, I would keep the softer springs, however, this is carry gun, it must digest whatever I feed it.
    • Occasional, unpredictable 3-4 round bursts
      • Completely unacceptable
      • Completely NOT safe
      • NOT Legal
      • Some may think it would be fun, it really was not.  I expect to operate with precision and control, was not fun at all. Unnerving!!
        • I have fired fully automatic weapons, they are awesome and fun!
      • Once I discovered this, I immediately quit firing and went home to find the solution.
  • The Problem and Fix
    • I returned to factory, all springs, one by one, each time testing the bump fire issue, I could do this at my desk, by testing the reset… It was not the springs!
    • That left the connector – unbelievable!  Once I removed it and compared the geometry with a factory connector, sure enough, it was slightly different.  Because of the different geometry, it was not allowing the sear to get enough purchase on the striker to consistently hold it back until the next trigger press.
    • I put the performance trigger spring back in the trigger group and left the rest of the springs factory.
      • this spring “helps” you pull the trigger and is responsible for the reset
    • The end result
      • 5 pound pull, and it is smooth – because of the polish job and the performance trigger spring, one pound over factory weight
      • Consistent one round for each trigger input
      • Safety features working correctly
  • The Plan
    • I am going to install a factory Glock 3.5 minus connector… I have read it should produce a very reliable, and street savy pull of around 4.75 pounds.
    • I will let you know how it feels and performs
  • Other Bolt On options I am trying and love(ish) so far
    • Extended Slide Release ($17) from Glock, Love it! Should have thumb_IMG_5002_1024done it years ago.
    • Extended Mag Release ($13) – from Glock, Love it! Should have done it years ago.
    • Beaver Tail grip backstrap ($25)- Changed the geometry a little, I think I like it.
    • Trijicon HD Big Dot Night sights($140) – Orange front sight, green rear – jury is still out
      • In low light/no light – they are great!
      • During the day, the rear sights are too dark for my liking
      • Maybe they will grow on me…
    • G17 Magazine($29)with a Mag sleeve($12) to create an awesome, huge grip.
      • A great way to increase capacity and grip surface
      • I had to sand down the edges of the mag sleeve, it was sharp and very irritating to my little, pinkie finger.  Once rounded, no irritation.
    • I have used Hogue Grip sleeves for years – I really like how the palm swell fills my hand, and allows me to have finger grooves on a Gen 1.
    • A Backstop Channel Insert ($11) – a no brainer, every Glock should come with this!

There is a worthy discussion on trigger weight and the wisdom of less than factory weights in Every Day Carry pistols… I will discuss it in another post.

If you have anything to add to the technical experience of Glock mods, what is your favorite, what has worked for you, etc… Please share below.

Want to fear less?  Become Dangerous!


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