How to NOT sound like an IDIOT when talking about guns – Part 2

In the world of firearms, martial skill, martial myths, and legends, I could not possibly have covered all of the firearm terms which are abused daily, in just one post.  A couple more come to mind, hence,  part two!!

I do not view innocent ignorance as a chosen condition.  Many of us are learning.  Indeed, this is my target audience!  I am still learning, right along with ya (I still sound like an idiot sometimes, but I am open to learn!).  Still others are steadfast and even arrogant in their chosen ignorance.  Usually such ignorance is the product of feeling the compulsion to stick by some political belief.  Such political beliefs do not have to meet the muster of logic, common sense or reality.  I digress… it is a distressing time for anyone who has spent 3 minutes studying the Constitution.  Apologies…  Now to the fun!

  • Caliber –  this refers to the diameter of the bullet.  Sizes are expressed in standard and metric, some have metric and standard names!
    • bullets9x19mm/9mm Luger – one of the most common handgun calibers.  The bullet is indeed 9 mm in diameter.  Called a “9.”
    • 40 Smith & Wesson Auto – 40 S&W – this is a standard unit of measure – .40 of an inch – also a common handgun round.  Called a “40 cal.”
    • 45 ACP – Commonly found in the 1911 pistols.  Very popular.
    • 357 Magnum – .357 inch – a great round, usually found in revolvers, the 357 shares ballistics with the .40 cal.
    • 38 Special – same size bullet as 357, just less gunpowder. Slang “38.”
    • 44 Magnum –  .44 inch – Dirty Harry’s favorite.  This is a very potent pistol round, preferred by Alaskan guides as a side arm.  Sometimes referred to as a “44 Mag.”
    • 5.56×45 /.223 – same really… Popular varmint round and the round used by the military.  AR15 platforms chamber this round.
    • 30.06 – pronounced “thirty ought six” it is a 30 caliber – .30 inch – Many refer to this classic, potent, WWII era rifle as an “ought six.”
    • There are sooo many different calibers.  I hope you can see how it works with this short review.  The military rounds (NATO)are 9mm, 5.56, .308 (also called 7.62×51), 12 gauge, and some .45ACP.  I usually recommend buying firearms chambering these rounds first.  If/when you find your self going somewhere in a hand basket, it is most likely these rounds will be more plentiful.  After you have these types of weapons, then you can buy all the fancy stuff!  Just my take on it!
  • Machine Gun vs Submachine Gun- every firearm with a “machine” in the name is fully automatic – meaning, it will fire multiple, successive rounds as long as the trigger is pressed.
    •  A “Machine Gun” fires rifle rounds.  M16’s are such.
    • A “Submachine Gun” fires pistol rounds, a H&K MP5 is a great “sub gun.”
  • “Assault Weapon” – this is generally NOT a term recognized by most in the firearm community.  It is a political term, crafted to elicit an irrational fear response. An assault weapon is best defined as, anything the liberals say it is.  I read an article in which the brilliant author described an assault weapon as a “50 caliber sniper assault weapon.” 50-bmg-tw-march-2015-armalite Laughable!  If I were to envision an assault weapon, it would have high capacity magazines, small caliber, light, and an auto loading type action, not terribly expensive… The weapon he described weighs 40 to 60 pounds, has a bolt action, holds just 4 or 5 rounds, and starts at $10,000.  The rifle he described was never listed on the assault weapon ban.  Intentional ignorance!  If you hear anyone on any news network speaking about firearms, it is unlikely they have a clue!  Even if they speak with passion and sincerity!  My dad always said, people can be sincerely wrong!
  • My daughter’s firearm pet peeve – People posting pictures(on social media) of themselves shooting, and they clearly have no training on stance, grip, or safety.  Trying to look BA, but completely failing due to an obvious lack of training. Thanks Sami!
    • Leaning way back when shooting, or other goofy stances
    • Improper grip
    • Finger in trigger guard, or on trigger for picture.
  • “Knockdown Power” the stuff of Hollywood stunt crews, complete with cabling, harnesses and such.  Because this myth is perpetuated every day on TV, many people shop for a gun with the best “knockdown power.”  They are shopping for a glittery unicorn!
    • In Realville, things with “knockdown power”
      • Holly Holm’s kick (Just ask Rhonda!)holly-holm
      • Connor McGregor’s fist
      • A baseball bat
      • Almost everything on a drill rig, including roughnecks
      • A bull
      • A lightning bolt
    • In many shootings, you will see victims fall TOWARDS the shooter.  You just don’t see them knocked backwards several feet.  In the realm of firearms, a 12 gauge shotgun, loaded with double ought buckshot or a slug, likely comes closest to having the “knockdown power” Hollywood dreams of.
    • Instead of knockdown power, the thing we really need in a round is a bullet which disrupts the Central Nervous System(CNS).  Such a disruption usually “takes the fight out of ’em!”  If we are defending our lives, we want the bad guy/bear/cat/wild animal to lose all desire to be involved in our life.  When vital organs, and the spine are traumatized a CNS disruption will occur.  Breaking bones usually shifts one’s focus from hurting others, to wanting to go home to mommy.  That being said, you want a round with enough energy to damage vital organs after penetrating clothing, muscles and such. (morbid, but keep in mind, we are talking about the mechanics of saving innocent lives and interrupting a predator’s plans)
      • FYI – I have read a couple stories of cougars being shot in the shoulder with a 9mm.  They found the bullets only penetrated the skin, a cat’s muscle is so dense!

Thanks for the read!  If you take this info and add to your knowledge you will be ahead of most people attempting to sound knowledgeable about firearms.

Stay Safe, Watch your Six!

Adios 2015!!  A big welcome to 2016!


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