How to NOT sound like an IDIOT when talking about guns.

There is much talk of guns, assault weapons, Second Amendment, semi-automatic, sub machine guns, fully automatic, etc, etc.  Over half of the conversation is coming from people completely uninformed.  The purpose of these words is not to provoke a fight, but simply to provide terminology.

PC DisclaimerIf you get all your news and opinions from ABC, MSNBC, CNN, YahooNews and are devoid of critical thought, you may be offended by some of the following content.  If that is you, please find something else to read!  Cuz I also say things like “Merry Christmas”, “God Bless America”, “Muslim Shooters” and “Islamic Terrorists.”

  • Clip vs. Magazine – Some use these words interchangeably, they are not.  Words have meaning.  If you call a magazine a “clip”, you are giving yourself away as knowing very little about firearms.  Therefore any opinions you have on the subject will hold less weight, your ignorance is showing.
    • Magazine -an ammunition storage and feeding deClipVMagazinevice  attached to a repeating firearm.  Most magazines, as per recent discussion, are removable from the firearm(via a mag release lever/button). Inside the magazine, a spring moves the stored cartridges  into place, where they are fed into the chamber by the repeating/automatic function of the firearm.  The nickname for magazines is “Mags.”
    • Clip – a clip is a device which stores ammo in a configuration making it quick/easier to load into the compatible weapon.  A clip lacks the internals and nomenclature to feed rounds into the weapon.  Clips are usually associated with WWII era rifles.
  • Semi-Automatic/Automatic – A “semi-auto”, semi-automatic weapon is one which fires one round per trigger press.  In the firearms world, these are also referred to as “Autos” or “Automatics” because the following round is loaded by the action automatically, as opposed to a bolt action, lever action, falling block action, break action, etc.  Semi-automatic actions are very common and do not require special licensing.  Rifles, shotguns and pistols can all be obtained with this action.  Semi Auto actions have been around for over 100 years.
  • Fully Automatic/Machine rifle/pistol – A fully automatic weapon is one which will fire multiple, successive rounds as long as the triggerm4-selector-switch is held.  Possession of this type of weapon is a felony, without the proper tax stamp.  These weapons are employed by the military and some SWAT teams.  However, most skilled operators prefer the more accurate fire possible with Semi-Auto rates of fire.
  • Assault Weapon – this is whatever the media says it is, usually the gun must look scary to fit this description.  This is a term cleverly invented by the (logic and Constitution hating) left, designed to scare  uninformed people, it moves the focus from bad guys to the weapon, so the inanimate object can be blamed for violence.  They want you to believe, if one has such a weapon, they will have no choice but to go on shooting rampages, killing cute, cuddly kittens, fuzzy wuzzy pandas and school children.  The mere possession of such a device will turn an ordinary peaceful person into a mass murderer!  AR15s and AK47s are the rifles most commonly accused of being assault weapons.
  • Weapon Safeties–  the most important safety on a firearm is the brain attached to the trigger finger.  Training your trigger finger is the most important safety.  Too many times, under duress, people struggle to manipulate the manual safeties on their weapons.  For defensive handguns, I prefer weapons with no external safeties.
  • “Bullet Button” – I heard an absolutely ridiculous claim by a reporter the other day, he claimed the San Bernadino Muslim shooters had a “bullet button” which turned their firearms into machine guns.  Laughable, but no truth or value to his reporting.  He also claimed they had 30 round “clips”, further proof he had no idea what he was talking about.
  • Gun Show Loophole – I went to a gun show a month ago, looking for this elusive beast, responsible for so many guns winding up in the hands of bad guys…  It doesn’t exist.  They run background checks, just like every other FFL dealer.  I even asked every dealer I spoke with, if I could take advantage of the “Gun Show Loophole”, I could not score even one illegal gun!
  • Bullet/Round/Cartridge/Casing
    • Bullet – the part of the round which travels downrange, due to a chemical reaction, the bullet is the projectile which causes all the ruckus once it leaves your weapon. They travel from 800 to 4000 feet per second.  Because of gravity, most flight times are only a fraction of a second to a couple seconds at most.
    • Casing – the part of the round which houses the gunpowder, the primer and the bullet, at least until the round is fired.  After a round is fired, the casing is ejected and usually ends up at the shooter’s feet.
    • Round or Cartridge – this refers to the above components while they are all still together.rounddiagram
  • The Second Amendment – many argue, correctly,  the 2nd Amendment supports and protects the rest of the constitution.  If you have studied the Constitution for more than 3 minutes(Hillsdale college has an excellent online course), you understand the framers did not wish to protect our right to bear arms because of hunting concerns. Rather, to protect the people’s right to resist tyranny first and anarchy second.  Our founders were painfully familiar with tyranny.  At the time of it’s writing, the founders had military weapons in mind and likely in their closets.  The Constitution is a remarkable document, based on the evaluation of the success and failures of other types of government.  Because of this guiding document and exceptional Americans, and God’s blessing, we built the best country in the world.  God Bless the USA!

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Be vigilant, watch your 6, overcome!

Merry Christmas!  And God Bless America!





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