How to Survive a Shooting/Stabbing/Violent Event, Part 2.

Fight or Flight . . . Bird, I am not!

Every time I hear of violence in public places, I take a little mental trip.  Such violence is occurring in schools, churches, airplanes, trains, etc.  This journey takes me where the violence is.  I visualize the sights and sounds of the insane chaos experienced by those involved.  I do this for two reasons.  Firstly, I don’t ever want to become hardened and jaded to the emotional trauma suffered, empathy is what separates warriors from thugs.  Secondly, I want to put myself in their shoes, as much as possible, so I can work through all the possible response options.  In those situations, I see four potential options.

  1. Be a good victim (worst possible option)
  2. Run
  3. Play dead
  4. Fight – Open a can of WhoopAss!! (Mom, If you are reading this, sorry for the language… : )  )

Lets break down these options, this will not be exhaustive, but I hope it is food for thought….

  1.  No action, being a “good little” victim.  This requires little thought and comes to us naturally.  Usually, this is fear winning. Sometimes however, doing nothing, being a good witness is the best option.  See #3 below.
  2. Run – one of the best options, if it is available.
    1. Some experts will tell you to not run in a straight line away from the shooter, run in a zig zag pattern, about four feet, both sides,  off the center line… a big zig zag! Make your turns sudden and unpredictable as possible… with the goal of obtaining cover.  (Cover, is anything that stops bullets)  Other experts say it does not really matter how you run.
    2. However, sometimes, running is not a good option.  Much of the time when I am in public, I am with my wife, kids or friends.  There is no way I would leave any of them in harm’s way.  I am not as fast as I used to be, so it may be a moot point!  Ha ha , I digress… And in some cases, the shooter blocks the door.
    3. Run if you can, if not, see option 3 or 4.
  3. Playing Dead –  this has worked in several of the mass shootings.  (I like the idea of playing dead, to gain cover or concealment, retrieve your weapon and go to work!) Cover is priceless in these situations, get whatever you can on top of yourself, between you and the bad guy.
  4. Fight back!  This is the riskiest option.  You may get hurt or killed.  If you are in this situation, you have to understand, you may die anyway.  If that is the case, why not end the suffering and violence?  That is my opinion and what I base my actions on.  I encourage you to work it out for yourself!  This is the mental preparation of warriors.

If you choose to FIGHT, here are seven more points to consider. . .

  1. If the shooter wants to talk, asking questions like, “Are you a Christian?” Engage him in conversation, and try to get closer to him.  If you choose to act, do so in the middle of a sentence.  This will usually increase his reaction time, buying you time to grab his weapon and for others to join you in defeating him.
  2. If at all possible, rush the bad guy with several people, this can overload his senses and put him in a “goofy loop” in which his reaction time will be slowed.
  3. Throw stuff at him as you charge him.  Throw anything, desks, books, scissors, whatever is at hand.  The goal is to make him dodge or block.  If the shooter is trying to keep from getting hit by thrown projectiles, he will not be able to aim his weapon as effectively.
  4. Yell, think. . . battle cry.WAR CRY - Mel Gibson  You want to freak him out!  It is pretty unnerving to be rushed by people who are screaming and throwing things at you!  I have used this tactic in airsoft and paintball games, (when I had no other option)  it works, especially on the untrained.
  5. Normal reaction time is about three quarters of a second, you can cover about 15 -21 feet in that amount of time before he can react/shoot.
  6. Once you reach him, control the weapon.    Once you start, you have to act with extreme commitment! Control the sharp end, whether it is a knife or a gun. Most bad guys will do all thet can to regain control of the weapon, they will focus on grabbing the weapon, not defending or striking you, at least not at first. Attack eyes, throat, and nose with a free hand, elbow or knee.    Gain control of the weapon.  If he is still fighting once you control the weapon, use it on him, until he is no longer a threat.  Remember, you don’t know if he has more weapons.  Do Not Turn Your Back to him until help arrives and he is secured.
  7. If you are injured, do not give up.  If you are alive enough to know you are injured, you will likely survive. But you must not quit or give up just because you feel pain.  Use it to drive your fury, overcome, Win!

You may feel intimidated by this type of scenario!  Rightly so! The average, normal person does not think about taking a weapon way from a person intent on killing.  The normal person does not think about the mechanics of death, or what it will take to stop another person who wishes only pain and death for others.  If you want to prepare for this, learn!  Take some Krav Maga.  Watch videos of street fights. Learn to shoot. Buy a gun.  Get some pepper spray.  But most importantly, be aware.

When we get an adrenaline dump, our hard wired response is Fight or Flight.Fight Or Flight  We are created to ACT under duress.  To successfully act, we have to have  forethought and a mindset to overcome.  With this in mind, it is so frustrating to hear police spokespeople, school administrators, etc. telling us to not fight back when we are threatened with violence.   We have become such a society of victims.  Everyone is saying to standby, as evil men prey on us.  I say enough is enough!

Be aware, be prepared, be victorious!


Part One of How to Survive a Mass Shooting –

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There are many of aggressive opinions above, and they are just that, my opinions.  My goal is to make you think!

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