31 of My Favorite Tactical, Survival and Warrior Things

I am asked frequently about my favorite things… Besides whiskers on kittens,  raindrops on roses and warm woolen mittens. . . Here are a few of my favorite things!

  • Glocks – any Glock! I have the most experience with 19, 26, 22 and 17.
    These phenomenal weapons, have just 36 parts!  That is it!   They shoot well, are infinitely upgradeable, glockand are trusted around the globe.  Glock fan for over 20 years!  Here is Glock’s link.

  • Cold Steel – knives, swords, canes – Great value, tested, tough, and innovative.  These are some sharp folks, they get right to the point!  
  • CRKT – Awesome knives
  • Surefire – flashlights and weapon lights –  I have used Surefire products for many years, they are worth every penny! Cockroaches hate Surefire!
  • Blackhawk – Great stuff, designed by an operator.  I love their tactical pants!
  • GalcoAwesome Holsters, some of the best!  They have mastered fitting your weapon like a glove.
  • iPhone 6s – Ok, ok, Samsung is a close second!
  • The AR platform 
  • Microtech, Benchmade 
  • Audi – So beautiful!  Want some eye candy?  Click here!
  • Grandpa’s old Springfield 1903 30.06
  • Ruger 10/22is there any other .22 rifle?  10:22
  • Mossberg 930 – Sweet Autoloader!
  • scar_17s_largeFN SCAR in .308 – poetry in motion
  • Maui Jim – Best sun glasses out there!  Exceptionally
    clear optics.  Once you own a pair, you can’t go back to anything else.
  • Big Watches – (my buddy, Mike, inspired this fascination) for cheap big watches, I like Invicta.  In my happy place I am wearing, Panerai, Omega, Breitling, Rolex, or Hublot.  Each of these brands has beautiful time pieces, mluminoxade from fun and exotic materials, I like the diver’s, mostly.  Of course, one of my all time favorites is the Luminox, favored by the Navy Seals.
  • Trijicon Optics and Sights I can see clearly now!M-Trijicon-photo-1
  • 3 Gun Competitions
  • Ford Raptor – 411 Horsepower, stock?!  Are you kidding me!!  Yes, PLEASE! 
  • Krav Maga – the Israeli martial art.  It is, arguably, the most consistently evaluated and refined martial art.  The Israeli police and military are using the techniques every day, and report back on what works and doesn’t work, on the street, in real life scenarios.   There are several spinoffs  which use Krav Maga as a base art.  I strongly recommend Krav Maga.  It is an effective, brutal, yet simple self defense system.  Here is a video of an amazing Krav Maga gal in action…  And now, the best Krav Maga video I have seen.  AND, I love Israel, I love Israeli’s, so it is easy to love Krav Maga!
  • H&K MP5 – What’s not to love?  Besides they are nearly impossible to get…
  • UnderTech – Concealment shirts, shorts, leggings (I ROCK the leggings!) Deep concealment clothing.  I used this stuff while working on a Anti Human Trafficking gig… Worked great, I hid my Glock 19 with the V-neck t-shirt.  Get the V-neck, these shirts are really tighUT leggingst!  Also, they don’t breathe very well, so plan to be warm!  If you are in a cooler climate, they are great!
    UT - female shortUT - Male V
  • Safariland –  3 gun belts and accessories, duty gear, etc.  I used these products for years,as a patrol officer and corrections deputy.
  • ASP HandcuffsI have mentioned these before, I have become a huge fan of these cuffs!
  • The UFC – amazing athletes, warriors!
  • Ronda Rousey – pursuing excellence!  The Best!TD_RondaRouseyFit_1
  • The NRA – no one else fights harder to preserve our rights, our Constitution . . . OUR FREEDOM!  NRA’s link
  • Other favorite handgunsSig Sauer, Wilson Combat, Springfield
  • Great store and site for anything Glock – The GlockStore.com
  • Great site for anything outdoor and tactical – BotachTactical.com
  • Jerry Miculek and family – Some of the best shooters in the world!  They love to share and teach.  I have learned much from watching them! Check them out on Youtube. Here is one of his videos!

This is not an exhaustive list, but each item on this list puts a smile on my face.  I love gear!  I love training!  In my (not so humble) opinion, you can not go wrong with any of the items on this page.

Thanks for coming by, I really appreciate it!  By the way, I have a Facebook page as well, there is additional content there!  You can find it here!  I would be honored if you would like my page and check out the quotes and other warrior stuff!

If you have questions or comments, be sure to pipe up below!

Be aware, be prepared and be victorious!  You are a Lion!


PS – I gotta be honest, I have been singing, as I worked on this post.  If it is stuck in your head too,  maybe this will help!  ; )

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