How to Survive a Mass Shooting

Welcome back my friend!  I am honored to have you back!

Today, I am angry, angry for several reasons.  I will briefly share these frustrations, not because they are important to anyone but me, but because these thoughts have fueled my desire to pass on some thoughts and ideas, that may help you and your loved ones survive an event as we witnessed in Roseburg, Oregon.

First of all, my thoughts and prayers are with my friends and fellow Oregonians in Roseburg.  My heart hurts for you!

And, to our President, shame on you for standing on the, barely cold, bodies of students and lecturing us on gun control!  Disgusting!  This shooting was a sparkling example of the “sane” gun laws you ignorantly think will stop these events… Yesterday was proof, gun free zones work, not a single law abiding person, or victim, had a gun!

Ok, enough of that…

Do we let fear decide our fate? OR. . . Do we err on the side of courage?

In times of struggle, be it an actual physical fight, a tough time financially, etc… I am always faced with the title question. . . Fear or Courage?  Wimp or Warrior? Victim or Victor?  Lion or Lamb?  Sometimes before we know it, we are seeing life as a lamb… it is time to wake up, and become a Lion!    Here at WhiteChocolateNinja we frequently discuss how to inoculate ourselves from the effects of fear and survival stress.  So in light of current events,  I will prescribe a few mindset tips and actions.  Get ready, I am loading the syringe. . . don’t be scared of a little needle! : )

Warning : Some of the following, is unpleasant.  I have no desire to shock or disturb.  I DO want to help you to ACT under duress.  As trainers, we know it is easier to act, if the mind has already been put through mental scenarios and exercises, such as this.  We are trying to avoid overload, by exposing our mind to what we might see and how we want to act under duress.

As you find yourselves in places containing masses of people, here are the thoughts I want you to have, and questions you need to constantly answer.

  • Where is the nearest exit?
  • What am I close to that will stop a bullet?  This question must constantly be asked/answered as you move about.
  • Who is here?  Is anyone acting strangely?  Is my gut telling me something?
  • Who do I need to protect?
  • What weapon(s) do I have, or have access to?
  • What are my distractions, a cell phone, noises, etc?

If you are not in the habit of being aware of these things, this probably sounds like paranoia – but, if you have studied this warrior stuff, it is simply a course of habit and happens, almost, without conscious thought.

A few thoughts pertaining to active shooter scenarios.  Of course, this is not exhaustive.  As always, please research and learn all you can about survival skills, from multiple sources.

If you hear gunfire, or people screaming…

  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Scan entire area, to avoid tunnel vision.
  • Get behind cover or at least concealment.  Cover stops bullets, Concealment is just a hiding place, but can be penetrated by bullets.
  • Playing dead is a very good option to keep in mind.  This has worked for several people in the last several shootings.  Keep this option in your tool box.
  • Fill your hand with some sort of weapon.  Something you can throw two ways to sheildor swing.  If you have actual weapon, get it ready.  You are a Lion.  Focus on Breathing and Eye Movement.
  • Give instructions to whomever you are responsible for.  “Stay down.” “Be calm.” “Don’t scream.” “It will be ok.” “Pray.”  Panic is contagious, so is courage!
  • If fear starts to rise, replace it with a controlled rage.  A rage that tells you, “Not today, today is not the day I die, not at the hand of evil.”  DECIDE to push fear out, call on courage.  Focus on the task at hand, your breathing and eye movement.
  • Staying behind cover may be the answer.  If at all possible, I would recommend leaving the area.  Maybe you can’t, perhaps you are with a child or elderly person who can not run or make a quick exit.
  • There may be dead or injured people nearby, you must stay focused on survival and possibly on eliminating the threat.

If you have the ability to attack the shooter:

  • Utilize the element of surprise.
  • Visualize winning.
  • Act with extreme commitment and purpose.  Do not hold back.  Act with the knowledge, if he can, the bad guy will kill you and then, will go kill more.
    • If you have a firearm, aim at the largest part of his body.  This is the easiest to hit and contains vital organs, when vital organs are struck, most people stopbad guy target fighting.  Organ hits severely disrupt the central nervous system.  CNS disruption “takes the fight out of ’em!”
      • Shoot from cover.
      • Shoot until the bad guy is no longer moving.
      • Look for multiple bad guys.
      • If you have a knife, stab, don’t slash.  Try to disrupt the CNS.
    • I strongly recommend studying some martial arts, so you have skills with your hands.  Krav Maga is excellent.
  • Disrupt his OODA loop (look it up, if you are not familiar)
    • Use a “war cry” – a charging, angry combatawar cry- 300nt is very distressing, especially if they are throwing things!
    • Throw anything you can at him.  This will make him have to block and NOT aim at you.
    • If more than one person can rush from different angles, all the better!
    • Imagine having 3 people, yelling, throwing things and rushing at you!  You want to overload his senses and make it hard for him to focus on using his weapon.
  • Once you stop the bad guy, make sure he does not have any weapons.  Do not turn your back on him until the calvary arrives and takes over.  If possible, cover (point gun at) dead/incapacitated bad guy from cover.
  • Make sure the responding law enforcement knows you are the good guy.  “The shooter is over here.”  “Officer, I have a weapon, I am covering the shooter.”  “Don’t shoot, I am not the shooter.”  Comply, with their commands immediately.  They will likely knock you down and handcuff you until they figure it all out.

These are my opinions.  I strongly encourage individual study and training.  These words are meant to be a spring board to more learning.

Thanks for coming by! Be safe, watch your 6!  You are a Lion-parkLion!

Thoughts and Prayers to our friends in Roseburg.

God Bless You, and God Bless America.


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