UPS brought a new toy. . . I mean tool!

Photo Aug 01, 18 44 44

ASP Model 100 Chain Handcuffs (also available in other colors)

$45 on Amazon, if ya are in the market for some handcuffs!

I have wanted to give these a whirl for awhile!  They are ASP Model 100 handcuffs.  Lighter, faster, quieter, easier, smoother, shapely and overall quite attractive. I like my cuffs, just as I like my . . . er, cars!

With a quick tour, it is easy to see these restraints were designed with the street level pro in mind, indeed ASP sought input from cops, the guys and gals who use these tools everyday.  This input resulted in keyholes on both sides of the cuffs.  The double lock mechanism can be triggered on both sides as well.  The double lock can be toggled off and on with the key in the keyhole, a handy option when adjusting the tightness.

The result is a handcuff which is designed to easier to apply to a non compliant subject.  ASP also worked very hard to defeat the ability to shim and escape these cuffs.  ASP also designed them to fit a larger variety of wrist sizes, more comfortably.  You may wonder why comfort is a concern, it really isn’t, the big concern is the lawsuits resulting from injury during and while people are restrained with mechanical devices.  ASP has incorporated angles and rounded edges which should minimize nerve damage and bruising.

There are more details, if you want more, go to ASP site . I   just had to share a few words about my new toy!

If/when I use them in the field I will evaluate if all the claims are true!

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