“I never saw it coming!”

To defend against violence, one must be comfortable with it’s delivery, it’s power, and it’s consequences.  Thad Higgins

Our world is a dangerous place.  If you don’t think so, immediately take one of two actions, click away, before the whitechocolateninja scares you!  OR stick around and add some “wrenches, ratchets and pliers” to your mindset toolbox!  You are welcome!  For the rest of you, come on in, pull up a chair!  We hope to offer a bowl of “content chowder” you find inspiring, thought provoking, eye opening with a little humor mixed in.

Our passion is the passing of information, information known to warriors.  Visualize, if you will, a campfire with an old warrior telling stories to the young.  We wish to start the fire!  We welcome other warriors to chime in and join the discussion, so we all learn,  grow and gain strength.

Have you ever been curious how a warrior saves his night vision?  Did you know during a violent encounter your heart rate will accelerate to over 200 bpm in a mere three seconds?  An accelerated heart rate has several physiological effects on perception, reaction time, vision, and motor skills.  Do you know how to inoculate yourself against these effects?  Do you have a concealed carry handgun?  We will discuss how you may be more vulnerable now,  than before you started carrying (insert Dirty Harry Voice) “the most powerful handgun in the world.”  These are just a few of the topics headed your way.

Stay tuned! At least a couple times a week we will be posting short tips, snippets of warrior wisdom, and awesome quotes, you can read in 2 – 8 minutes and apply immediately.  Also, expect to see suggested reading, should you want to learn about the rest of the iceberg.  Developing a warrior mindset is an intentional, focused journey.  We will introduce you to knowledge, concepts and ideas you can explore, based on your curiosity.

A warrior mindset, being in “Condition Yellow”, can allow you to avoid bad guys, simply because you saw them early.  WhiteChocolateNinja wants you to never be the person who says, “Gosh, I never saw it coming!” 

“If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.”  Sun Tzu

Be Aware, be Prepared, be Victorious!


P.S.  Why White Chocolate Ninja?  White Chocolate was a nick name. . . given me by a warrior friend, you know who you are . . . Dark Chocolate!  Ninja’s are cool, and ninja’s were known for adapting to dynamic situations.  There you go!

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